I’ve contracted the services of AllCity Technology for 5 years. Whether my company had 40 pcs or 4, multiple servers or 1 server, AllCity Technology is essential to my success. AllCity’s TECHMERGENCY team serves as my IT department with highly trained personnel who anticipate problems before they could happen. I wouldn’t think of operating a small or medium sized company without AllCity Technology.

- Lisa Kelly

AllCity Technology’s staff is reliable, reasonable and friendly. Furthermore, they have patiently worked with our company during growth spurts which required tremendous flexibility and commitment on their part. We continue to use AllCity and consider them a core part of our team. I would highly recommend AllCity Technology’s managed IT services to anyone.

- Stefan Whitwell

AllCity Technology has a highly qualified expert staff in maintaining and repairing network and IT systems.

- Don Busby

As a long time realtor in Austin, I have had to stay up on technology to help tech-saavy buyers and sellers. When my system went down, I tried several quick fixes–but they did not last and I ended up losing business. I called AllCity Technology and their response was quick and the problem was fixed. They recommended an upgrade for a reasonable price and the results of that upgrade made such a difference in performance and saved time. I consider my whole experience with them a “money saver.” Thanks Tex!

- Bob Schreiber

AllCity Technology is a valuable resource regarding information security for government agencies and regulated industries. They stay well informed as to the latest business information security threats and about government regulations for regulated industries. I have no hesitation as far as referring clients because of the excellent emergency and managed IT services which AllCity Technology provides.

- Kirk Foster